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This K-Cup Filling Machine is a customizable machine on which you can either use self-designed capsules or package standard K-Cup.
According to different capsule sizes, we can change the adjustment station to achieve perfect packaging. The K-Cup Filling Machine is suitable for packing all kinds of liquid, granular and powder products.
At present, we have customized the packaging of cosmetics, liquid health products, ground coffee powder, matcha powder and so on.
K-Cup capsule is one of the most popular capsules in North America.
We can provide you with different packing solutions for different customers.
We have helped small and medium-sized customers get started, and we have also helped large enterprises to expand their production.
This entry-level machine is very popular with small and medium-sized customers. On the one hand, the production capacity of the machine can meet their requirements, about 2700 K-Cups, per hour, on the other hand, most of our machine accessories are Omron, Schneider and other famous brands, the machine is more durable and stable.

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Speed: This machine can produce up to 50 K-Cups per minute. Single lane precut lid machine, the average speed is 45 per minute.
The latest design: The whole machine frame is made of iron, and the part in contact with the food capsule is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which not only ensures the high quality of the products but also reduces the production cost, so it is the best choice for small and medium-sized companies.
Servo motor: Servo motor drives screw filling to maintain high and stable filling accuracy.
Security: The alarm system for opening the machine door increases safety

Vertical cup drop station: The semi-open design allows workers to easily add empty Kcup when it is almost used up. The vertical cup drop station can store approximately 60-70 empty capsules.
Servo motor and compressed filling head: High filling accuracy. Compressed filling head to press powder while filling.
Empty cup sensor and precut lid sensor: No cup no filling, no lid no sealing
Nitrogen plate: Equipped with nitrogen connection system. Can be directly connected to your nitrogen generator
Anti-static: Reduce static electricity during filling (reduce dust)
Sealing and output: The machine automatically seals the capsule and grabs the cup out
PLC controller: English version interface, adjust machine parameters, such as filling volume, sealing temperature, screw speed, etc.

1. Auger lifter conveyor
2. Flavor pump system: Can help you drop precise flavor liquid (0.01ml) into every K-Cup online
3. Checker weigher system
4. Customize conveyor belt and flip-flop: it will automatically count and shift to the next box. Good for a bulk pack like 96ct box
5. Printer lot number
6. Internet remote support: With internet connection(WIFI or RJ45 CABLE port) customer at any place, USA or EURO or Africa as long as the internet is connected, this can help customer a lot as real-time support without delay, remotely diagnose problems, program upgrades online to reach customize or new functions, machine running condition and regular maintenance remind.
7. Paper box packaging machine

Model CP4501LK
Suitable Product bet365 account open, chocolate, tea etc
Suitable sealing Precut lid
Capacity speed 45-50 pcs per minute
Filling range 3-20g
Accuracy ±0.1-0.15 grams
Standard Power 3 phase 220V380V @ 50/60hz - 1kw
Installed size (LxWxH) 2500*1550*2050
Air requirement 300L per minute @0.6-0.8Mpa
Certification CE, ISO Compliant


Room 2210, Building 1, The Link Plaza,
No.278 East Suzhou Avenue,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province,

Tel: +86 512 83991006


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