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The K-cup rotary machine is one of the most popular products for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies in North America. It not only meets the daily production requirements but also the premium quality and small area are the reasons why they choose this machine. Most of our American customers prefer rotary type filling machines and 4 lane/6lane k cup filling machines.
We have provided suitable solutions for many customers and accompany them all the way. In addition to the capsule filling machine, we also purchase empty Kcup and film for our customers, provide them with one-stop service and receive numerous praises from them.
In this field, as a leader in the industry, we are happy to share our experience with our customers and provide them with customized and suitable solutions. If you have any related questions, feel free to contact us.

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1. Rotary-shaped packaging machine with a speed of up to 50-70K cups per minute.
2. Quickly replace different mold plates to produce different types of coffee capsules.
3. Small footprint, higher speed, complete functions and full automation.

Vertical coffee capsule feeding system (dropping station).
Empty cup detection
Vacuum feeder
Servo-driven filling
Compressed filling head and material level detection and anti-static
Nitrogen plate (nitrogen filling device)
Clean the edges of the capsule and compress the coffee.
Put on the pre-cut lid (roll film can also be used).
Lid detection
Heat sealing and finished product output.

1. The machine occupies a small area and saves space.
2. Faster speed, up to 4500 Kcups can be produced per hour
3. Fully automated production, complete functions, the whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel.
4. 70-100 empty capsules can be stored in the vertical cup load station. (Can be lengthened)
5. Servo motor drive maintains high and stable filling accuracy.
6. Material level detection alarm, no cup alarm, door open alarm.
7. The compressed filling head and the anti-static device can effectively avoid dust and make the sealing more perfect.
8. PLC touch screen control, you can manually open and close the station to detect. Adjust machine parameters
9. Secondary sealing improves the tightness of the finished product
10. Nitrogen system: The machine can be directly connected to the nitrogen generator.
11. Famous brand accessories, such as Omron, Schneider, SMC, etc.

1. Auger lifter conveyor
2. Flavor pump system: Can help you drop precise flavor liquid (0.01ml) into every K-Cup online
3. Checker weigher system
4. Customize conveyor belt and flip-flop: it will automatically count and shift to the next box. Good for a bulk pack like 96ct box
5. Printer lot number
6. Internet remote support
7. Paper box packaging machine
Model CPR4501K
Suitable for Keurig K-Cup compatible type (empty K-Cup, K-Cup with filter ready etc.)
Capacity PRECUT LID Over 50-70pcs/min
Filling type Servo motor driven auger filler
Filling accuracy ±0.1g-0.15g
Sealing type Pneumatically driven heat and seal, Omron precise temperature controller to adjust
Voltage 220v 50/60hz—3PHASE (by customer)
Dimension 1651mmX1629mX2062mm
Weight 750kg
Compressed air consumption 0.3-0.4 m3 per minute @ ≥ 0.6Mpa
Certification CE, ISO Compliant


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Tel: +86 512 83991006


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