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Many clients want to know how to make the coffee capsule taste better. In fact, grinding and roasting are very important steps. Today, bet365 offers some basic tips for grinding coffee.

We guess that customers who have bought coffee capsule filling machine are aware that the grade of grinding also affects the coffee capsule filling machine and brewing taste. 

For example, to fill Nespresso, if the coffee beans are unevenly ground, and some of the powder is very very fine, it will make some flying dust adsorb on the screw, as a result, the weight of each capsule is unstable. Even after a long time of accumulation, the flying dust will fall into the capsule and the mold plate. 
Besides, if the grinding is too fine, these flying powders are likely to block the outlet of the brewing machine, resulting in a cut-off flow. 
On the contrary, if the grinding is too coarse and the density is low, it is difficult to fill more than 5.5g powder in Nespresso. 

The grade of grinding will directly affect the contact area between coffee and water in the brewing process. If the coffee particles are uniform, the water will fully extract the coffee powder, and the brewed coffee will taste right. 
If it is not uniform, the smaller coffee powder has a larger contact area with water and the extraction is faster. 
However, the coffee grounded by a poor quality grinder will be uneven, some particles are large and some particles are small. This directly affects the taste of the coffee. 
Our advice is just the beginning to explore the basics of grinding skills and you need to adjust them yourself. If the coffee taste is too light, you can consider adjusting the roasting degree and coffee grinding degree. Through constantly trying, to find the most suitable grinding parameters.

The grinding ability of coffee in K-Cup and Nespresso is also different. 
Customers who prefer to drink Nespresso pay more attention to the concentration of coffee flavor. And Nespresso brewing machine is in a high-pressure environment to brew coffee capsules, so coffee powder should be relatively fine. 
The filling weight of each K cup is about 11g -12g, if the coffee is ground very fine, it will be over-extracted. And K cup tastes lighter than Nespresso.

In short, when packing coffee capsules, it is also very important to choose a good grinder and control the degree of grinding.

Publication Date: 25 March, 2021


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