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Choking up on the racquet will help you keep the that “head close to the head.” Avoid trying to hit the volley hard or away from your partner. This is a cooperation drill where you aren’t keeping score. Next time you’re looking for a tennis volley tip, use the “Choke Up Touch Volley” drill to instantly improve your feel and control.

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For doubles I use a very headlight racket so don't need to choke up at all. That's the purpose if choking up on the grip, to effectively change the balance of the racket and prevent the racket head from dropping during the volley. In singles I use a less headlight frame and do very little volleying.

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I learned to choke up on my grip when going to the net as a kid. I grew up playing serve and volley with wood racquets. While choking up wasn't necessarily a fundamental back then, it was an option that my instructors offered to help me make quicker moves around the net when dealing with faster incoming shots.

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Don Shifrin 1 year ago. Brady: great tip for most volleys. This is an advanced move but when your partner is serving to the deuce court and you are at net ( or even in an Australian formation) you often may get a reachable backhand overhead.

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Choke up on the grip, and move your hand up the shaft of the racquet. Hold your racquet in the position where the racquet is in front of your left shoulder, so you are prepared to hit either a forehand or backhand volley without tension. Executing the volley:

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1.1 Tennis Volley Grip. October 28, 2014 by Clay Ballard 36 Comments. Why You Need This: You crush a serve and the opponent barely gets the return over the net. You immediately rush up to the net. You are posed to crush a volley well away from your opponent. You can’t wait for the sound to go supersonic as your racket crushes the ball.

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2. In general, I think the grip you use on any of your shots might be a little different depending on whether you're an advanced player or a beginning player. The "choke up" grip shown in that video on volleys looks fine and probably helps beginning tennis players have a more firm wrist (and therefore more racquet head stability) on their ...

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